Karol G’s heartfelt tributes to her home country on the occasion of Colombian National Day

Celebrating her country from abroad, Karol G's Miami life resonates with Colombian hues, as shown in her performances and social media posts.

Undoubtedly, Karol G is one of Colombia’s most representative female artists. Irrespective of her extensive recognition in music, the ‘Bichota’ hasn’t forgotten her roots or the land where she was born. According to the singer, she cherishes her homeland because she strongly identifies with it.

However, it’s worth mentioning that for some time now, the paisa has been residing not in Medell√≠n but in Miami, United States, surrounded by her close circle of people.


Feliz dia de la independencia de Colombia ūüá®ūüáī‚ô•ÔłŹ @Karol G #karolg #karolg19911 #fyp„ā∑ #fyp #viral #parati

‚ô¨ S91 – KAROL G

Indeed, the singer’s affection for her homeland frequently entices her to return and spend a pleasant time amid the colors and mountains that significantly represent the coffee-producing nation.

Her love for her nation was further evidenced on July 20th, when Karol, via her social media, shared multiple posts commemorating the independence achieved decades ago.

To be precise, the Medellín-born artist posted two stories with images that display her love for Colombia and how she referenced her country in her most notable concerts.

One of her most remembered concerts was when she performed her songs at Coachella 2022, one of the world’s most imposing events.

In this, the ‘bichota’ honored Colombia through her outfit. These pieces featured yellow, blue, and red tones, paying tribute to the country’s flag.

Moreover, she highlighted a fascinating fact that when one searches the internet: “Where is Karol G from?” the search engine instantly shows her birthplace, Medell√≠n, Colombia. She accompanied this image with the text: Colombia, You are the queen!

However, to continue expressing her affection, the performer shared a creation from Spotify that states that heroic women are called ‘Bichotas,’ a nickname that refers to the most famous urban singer of the moment.

Thanks to her successes in recent years, the artist has given her nation visibility through her songs, demonstrating how proud she is to be Colombian.