Karol G’s new song, Mi ex tenía razón, is not about Anuel AA but her new love interest, Feid

Karol G's new album addresses past ties with Anuel AA, pays tribute to Selena Quintanilla, and hints at romance with Feid.
  1. Karol G’s latest album weaves past relationships, revealing subtle messages directed at ex-partner Anuel AA.
  2. The singer artfully commemorates the legendary Selena Quintanilla through her music video, merging modernity with nostalgia.
  3. Speculations about Karol G’s budding romance with Feid gain momentum as fans interpret poignant lyrics as veiled confessions.

Karol G, the Colombian singing sensation, has unveiled her newest album, “Mañana será bonito: Bichota Season.” This long-anticipated release surprised fans with a compilation of 10 new tracks. One song, in particular, “Mi ex tenía razón,” stood out due to the buzz it generated even before the album’s official release. Many speculated that this song would once again address her past relationship with ex-partner Anuel AA.

However, fans and critics alike might be taken aback: while the song does respond to Anuel AA, it’s not a dedication to him. Instead, it’s an ode to her new love, Feid. The track’s most poignant line, “My ex was right, that I wasn’t going to find another one like him, and I got a better one,” vividly captures the essence of Karol G’s message. This is perceived by many as a direct counter to Anuel AA’s recent song “Mejor que yo,” which is believed to be about Karol G’s current boyfriend.

Adding layers to the album’s narrative, the music video accompanying “Mi ex tenía razón” pays homage to the late American artist Selena Quintanilla. The rhythm of the song nods to the queen of Tex-Mex, and Karol G dons a short top featuring a photograph of the iconic singer, known for hits like “Amor Prohibido” and “Como la flor.” The video further emphasizes this tribute by showcasing visuals reminiscent of the era when Selena Quintanilla was a dominant figure in the music industry.

Beyond the song’s apparent themes, Karol G delves deeper into her feelings about past relationships. Lyrics like “I really don’t know why the fuck I cried. If now I realize that I was the one who crowned,” suggest a newfound realization and contentment in her current phase of life. “I no longer miss the life I had when I think about what I was saying,” she adds, further emphasizing her transition.

Karol G premiered her new album "Mañana será bonito: Bichota season" (Photo: video capture YouTube)
Karol G premiered her new album “Mañana será bonito: Bichota season” (Photo: video capture YouTube)

The connection between Karol G and Colombian singer Feid has been a topic of discussion among fans. Public appearances, where the duo was seen hand-in-hand, have only fueled these speculations. Given the lyrics and the sentiments expressed in “Mi ex tenía razón,” many fans are interpreting the song as Karol G’s love letter to her new relationship with Feid.

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Apart from her personal life and relationships, Karol G’s music video creatively blends contemporary aesthetics with a touch of retro. The square format imagery showcases Karol G in a modern outfit reminiscent of the Texan artist’s style. The backdrop features a band of musicians, all dressed in complementary outfits, performing on a stage set in the middle of a serene lake.

Notably, “Mi ex tenía razón” was the only track from “Mañana será bonito: Bichota Season” that was accompanied by an official video upon release. In less than eight hours post-release, the video garnered more than 700,000 views, attesting to Karol G’s unwavering popularity. The overwhelmingly positive comments from fans further attest to the artist’s continued resonance with her audience.

The reference to Selena Quintanilla is present throughout the video and the song (Photo: YouTube video capture).
The reference to Selena Quintanilla is present throughout the video and the song (Photo: YouTube video capture).

Karol G’s lyrical prowess is also evident in her nod to the famous Colombian soap opera “Yo soy Betty, la fea.” She sings, “I felt ugly like Betty and now I’m pretty,” adding another layer of cultural references to her expansive musical repertoire.

In conclusion, “Mañana será bonito: Bichota Season” is not just an album; it’s a testament to Karol G’s journey, both personally and artistically. Through her music, she communicates her past, present, and hopes for the future, making this release a must-listen for both fans and newcomers alike.

"Mi ex tenía razón" is the only song that included a video in the album's release (Photo: YouTube video capture)
“Mi ex tenía razón” is the only song that included a video in the album’s release (Photo: YouTube video capture)