Karol G’s pants were lowered and she was seen flossing while she was eating with some friends

The reggaetonera Karol G returned to monopolize glances and to heat up social networks when her pants dropped a bit and revealed her very sensual floss while she ate with some friends and had a great time.

Karol G took a well-deserved break a day ago to continue working alongside her team, who are mostly some of her best friends. Everyone danced and ate, tasting an appetizing meal when, it is not known whether due to a carelessness of Karol G or just on purpose, her pants were lowered a little below the waist and revealed a burning floss that the singer was wearing.

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As is customary, Karol G, neither noticed nor cared. It is not something that she has not already shown and that her close circle is used to seeing in terms of the singer’s sensuality. Just yesterday Karol G unleashed controversy by kissing one of his dancers passionately on the stage.

Days before, just when she was sharing with this same group of friends, repeating the feat of drinking and “dogging” from a beach in The Bahamas, Karol G announced that she is the first Latina to become the face of the alcoholic beverage brand Smirnoff.

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Regarding her sentimental relationship with the singer and also reggaetonero Anuel AA, for sure it is not known if they are actually together or if each one is already living apart, as they have shown. Still, several paparazzi have exposed them by meeting them together in Miami. The truth is that, if so, the fans of both would be more than happy. Not in vain do they ask so much from social networks Karol G like Anuel AA to return.

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