Karol G’s sensational new album ‘Mañana será bonito’ takes the world by storm

The singer Karol G has not stopped thanking her fans for the receptivity of her new album that was released last Friday, February 24. In addition, on Saturday they shared some photos where 'La Bichota' exudes sensuality in this new work

The Colombian Karol G is going through one of the best moments of her musical career, and last Friday, February 24, she launched her new album titled ‘Mañana será bonito,’ and with so few days of its release has had great receptivity from her fans who for months have been waiting for this release.

At the same time, some promotional images of his latest work were shared, six photos of various musical themes. However, one of them turned out to be the most striking after she was seen in a bathtub with her hair up and no clothes on and surrounded by a lot of foam while holding a cell phone.

In the rest of the photos that were made public last Saturday night, you can see that the color red is the predominant color, as well as sensuality is seen in one of the sets. In addition, sports cars are also part of this new experience of ‘La Bichota’, and the costumes are usually quite varied.

“Many congratulations, my bro,” “Beautiful, so beautiful, we look confident,” “Beautiful”, “The most beautiful”, “Chula la bichota”, “Proudly she is my idol”, “Beautiful as always,” “Beautiful my queen,” “I’m so obsessed with you Karol G”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the post.

Her success won’t stop here. Eduin Caz recently announced the Colombian as Grupo Firme’s partner for a future song.

Tracks from the album ‘Mañana será bonito’.

The Colombian Karol G has not stopped thanking her fans for how much they have achieved in just a few days. Therefore, she has explained that all this effort made in recent months goes beyond numbers, although for her it is completely impossible not to notice it. Below we will mention the songs that make up the most recent work of Anuel AA’s ex-girlfriend.

“X si volvemos”, “Gatúbela”, “Pero tú”, “Mercurio”, “Carolina”, “Provenza”, “Kármika”, “Cairo”, “Dañamos la amistad”, “Tus gafitas”, “Amargura”, “Besties”, “Ojos Ferrari”, “Mañana será bonito”, “TQG”, “Mientras me curo el cora”, “Gucci los paños”.