Kat Graham brother, The Vampire Diaries, Yacov Yehuda murdered

  • The brother of Kat Graham, actress of the series The Vampire Diaries was murdered
  • In a double homicide, Yacov Yehuda was shot dead
  • Everything was given by an apparent robbery

Yacov Yehuda, the older brother of Kat Graham, an actress known for her role as ‘Bonnie Bennett’ in the series The Vampire Diaries, was brutally shot to death at the age of 48, as confirmed by the news portal ‘The Sun’, that gave more details of the difficult moment that the beautiful young woman is going through.

Jacov Yehuda, of Israeli origin, who was 48 years old, was shot and killed along with a friend in the middle of the morning when apparently they had tried to rob them … However, it all happened in the summer, during the month of July, but it was not until this November that The Sun reported the terrible news.

Jacov Yehuda, Kat Graham’s brother was killed

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The news portal reported that Kat Graham’s brother was killed in a double homicide. The native of Israel was shot and killed by two unknown men, along with a friend, in the early hours of July 25, apparently in an altercation in an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona.

A person close to the Phoenix Police Department assured The Sun portal that Kat Graham’s brother, named Yacov Yehuda, 48, was at his residence with his friend Michael Kisselburg, when suddenly a mysterious man touched the door shortly after two in the morning.

A mysterious man knocked on Yacov Yehuda’s apartment in the middle of the night

Yacov Yehuda, Brother Kat Graham
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According to the Phoenix officer’s words, he explained that a man knocked on the door of the apartment after 2 in the morning and assured them that by accident the car of one of them had collided in the parking lot, so Kat Graham’s brother and his friend came down to corroborate the fact.

Unfortunately it was all a trap and in the same parking lot Yacov Yehuda and Michael Kisselburg were shot and died instantly, so the investigations led to the arrest of two men whose identities are now known.

Was it a reckoning or attempted assault on Kat Graham’s brother?

Yacov Yehuda, Brother Kat Graham

Police in Phoenix, Arizona, reported that during the investigations they arrested Bryan O’Dea and Joshua Bivens as responsible for the killings of the brother of Kat Graham, actress of The Vampire Diaries and his friend; it all happened during the last week of July 2021.

Those responsible for the double murder were sent to the Maricopa County jail while weeks later local media reported that the suspects had Yacov Yehuda and his friend Michael ‘in their sights’ to apparently assault them that ended in the tragic death of both.

Kat Graham was silent about the murder of her brother Yacov Yehuda

Kat graham

The tragic death of Kat Graham’s brother, hit her sister hard, however, the actress of the series The Vampire Diaries kept quiet and in private she herself took care of the funerals and expenses in the face of the tragedy of Yacov Yehuda, with whom apparently they would not have such a close relationship.

The actress, who played ‘Bonnie Bennett’ would have been seen with her brother in 2011, in a video of ‘Funny or Die’ where she wrote: “Fun fact: the boy reading the Torah in the video of ‘Funny or Die’ is really my older brother Yacov ”, he assured in that year.

Kat Graham brother Yacov Yehuda

Before confirming the death of Kat Graham’s brother, the death of guitarist Graeme Edge had been reported. The music world is mourning the terrible news of the death of a legend in the Rock and Roll genre, it is Moody Blues drummer, Graeme Edge, who played on hits like ‘Night in White Satin’ and ‘Go Now’, who lost his life at the age of 80.

This Rock legend was one of the original members and co-founder of the renowned rock band, he had a musical career of more than 50 years until he stopped traveling in 2018 due to a stroke. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the rest of the Birmingham-based band at the same time, according to the Daily Mail.

Renowned guitarist Graeme Edge dies

Renowned guitarist Graeme Edge dies

So far the causes of the death of the famous guitarist are unknown, his family has not communicated the causes of the sensitive loss, but they confirmed the death in the media. In social networks, several users who admired the musician regretted this news.

Even one of the leaders of the group of Moody Blues, Justin Hayward, paid a tribute to his partner and friend of the Rock band saying that his ‘sound and personality are present in everything we did together’. Through social networks, he manifested to say goodbye to Graeme.

Leader of the band Moody Blues dedicates message when guitarist Graeme Edge dies

Leader of the band Moody Blues dedicates message when guitarist Graeme Edge dies

Hayward wrote on his social media account: “It’s a very sad day. Graeme’s sound and personality are present in everything we did together and hopefully that will live on. When Graeme told me he was retiring, I knew that without him they could no longer be the Moody Blues. And that’s what happened. It’s true that he kept the group together all the years, because he loved it. “

“In the late 1960s we became the group that Graeme always wanted us to be, and was called upon to be a poet and a drummer. He delivered it beautifully and brilliantly, while creating an atmosphere and setting that music would never have achieved without his words. I asked Jeremy Irons to recreate them for our last tours together and it was absolutely magical, ”added the bandleader. Filed Under: Kat Graham brother death Yacov Yehuda.

“My condolences to his family,” they wrote when guitarist Greame Edge dies.


He even recalled his beginnings in the band: “Graeme and his parents were very nice to me when I first joined the group, and for the first two years he and I lived together or side by side, and even though we had almost nothing together, we have fun and laugh all the time, as well as making what was probably the best music of our lives. “

Users immediately reacted to the guitarist’s death: “Graeme was one of the great characters in the music business and he will never be his again”, “My condolences to his family”, “I can’t count how many times the I watched live, I loved every concert, I loved all the albums! ”were some comments. Filed Under: Kat Graham brother death Yacov Yehuda.

Guitarist Greame Edge shone in Rock and Roll

Guitarist Greame Edge shone in Rock and Roll

It should be remembered that the famous guitarist, Graeme Edge was born in Rocester, Staffordshire, on March 30, 1941, the musician moved to Birmingham with his family shortly after. He continued with the legacy of music, as his mother was a silent film pianist, while his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were music hall singers.

“In those days, a group manager was someone who could move equipment and had a house big enough for the band to practice. Graeme always watched the drummer in the group and played with the drums, but he never played drums professionally until the drummer quit and had to replace him, ”you can read on the band’s website. Filed Under: Kat Graham brother death Yacov Yehuda.

Another tragedy in Rock music

Another tragedy in Rock music

Another sad news for the music world happened a few weeks ago, especially for one of the most famous rock bands in history The Rolling Stones, since the death of the tour manager of the famous band has been announced later from having a domestic accident a few days ago, according to The Sun.

It is tour manager Mick Brigden, who for several decades managed and directed tours for rock acts such as Humble Pie, Mountain and Peter Frampton, died after an accident on September 5 at his hilltop home at north of Santa Rosa. Filed Under: Kat Graham brother death Yacov Yehuda.

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