Kate del Castillo talks about Sean Penn six years after her meeting with ‘El Chapo’

Kate of the Castle spoke for the first time about his relationship with Sean PennAmerican actor who in 2016 involved her in the media case by revealing to Rolling Stone magazine the interview they had with Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

After almost six years of the event, the Mexican actress said that she is still being investigated by federal authorities and that this fact continues to cost her money, since Penn describes her in her article as the intermediary for her meeting with Guzmán Loera.

“He walked out of my life, I never wanted to answer the phone again. I blocked him of course, I’m not interested in knowing anything about him, “del Castillo told Javier Poza.

Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn

Kate delCastillo and Sean Penn. Kate del Castillo stopped working for 3 years after Penn’s remarks.

The protagonist of ‘The queen of the south’ explained that she could not proceed legally against Penn because he had allied himself with the United States Government and in the face of this he has nothing to say, such as the fact that Penn put her in danger and did not bother to protect her, during the interview he had with ‘El Chapo’ in October 2015.

“The truth is that it makes me infinitely lazy, I am not going to waste any more money, nor time, nor effort, for these people who are deplorable and who are among the lowest people I have ever met, because that is not done to them anyone, putting anyone’s life at risk”.

Erik del Castillo’s daughter He stressed that his fight to achieve recognition of the falsity of the accusations against him by the then Attorney General of the Republic, Arely Gómez, who began a persecution against the actress after Sean Penn’s article in Rolling Stone, has not yet ended.

“It has been a very hard, exhausting, very painful process, very painful in every way, but I am going to stand firm, because I want to and because I can and because it is my right,” he said.

lost job opportunities

Kate del Castillo stopped working for 3 years after Penn’s remarks.

Kate pointed out that the situation prevented her from working for almost three years, which caused her to lose money, in addition to the fact that she continues to pay lawyers. That is why she seeks a public apology, because as an artist she has seen her image affected by multiple appearances on television and newspapers.

“Journalists received filtered information, which was also illegal, filtering information when it shouldn’t be done, but also distorted information, totally manipulated information that made me look terrible in many ways,” he said. .

Del Castillo assured that, fortunately, she has entered a stage of being calm with herself despite the emotional, physical and professional aspects that she had to overcome after the Sean Penn case. The Mexican is about to premiere the third season of ‘La Reina del Sur’. AmericanPost.News.

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