Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom the most beloved couple in the media

One of the favorite couples of the shows is the American singer Katy Perry and the British interpreter Orlando Bloom.

The couple has freely shared that the love story began at a party that was raised on the occasion of the celebration of the Golden Globes that same year and since then they have kept the relationship secret.

However, this upcoming Valentine’s Day will be 3 years since Orlando declared his love to the Californian soloist at a romantic dinner between heart-shaped balloons and where he gave her the engagement ring.

Today they are parents of little Daisy Love whom they conceived in August 2019 and who have remained very far from the identity of the baby in networks.

When is the wedding of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom?

This is how her engagement ring looked on Instagram Like every couple they claim to have good and bad days

Within the media it has caused a lot of noise that despite so many years of relationship and already being parents, we have not yet presented the long-awaited wedding ceremony between the couple.

However, that has not been a reason for the couple not to continue sharing unforgettable moments in their relationship.

In 2021, in AmericanPost.News We share with you that even the happy couple was in Mexico celebrating the 37th birthday of the “Roar” singer, in the company of family and loved ones.

However, the couple has not excluded the idea of ​​a wedding, in fact they have shared that at the time they would like it to be an intimate celebration between family and friends, where they have a lot of social awareness to reflect where they are today.

Not everything is rosy

Like any couple, they claim to have good and bad days.

Until a few days ago, the American singer revealed one of the most unpleasant habits that her partner has.

And it is that when questioning what is the least pleasant side of his daily life with the author, he confessed that he constantly forgets where he leaves the thread he used to care for his teeth.

According to the famous singer Katy Perry, you can always find tooth floss in the kitchen, in the dining room, in bed and even in the car.

Which adds Orlando Bloom to the list of celebrities with a reputation for having poor hygiene habits.

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