Katy Perry wins copyright lawsuit over alleged plagiarism of her song ‘Dark Horse’

Katy Perry.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Nine years have passed since the name of Katy Perryand that of many of his collaborators at the time, was marred by accusations that his theme ‘Dark Horse’ was a blatant plagiarism of a Christian rap song called ‘Joyful Noise’by the artist Flame.

In fact, the court that was in charge of settling the dispute between the parties ended up ruling that the artist’s song had copied several of the most distinctive elements of its predecessor, which had been published in 2008, for which it forced Katy to pay to the plaintiff $550,000 dollars. As for the rest of the convicts, the producer Max Martin had to pay $253,000 dollars and the controversial Dr. Luke did the same with a sum that also exceeded $200,000 dollars.

Fortunately for the pop star and her friends, this week another magistrate has turned the situation around, first admitting it for processing and, later, ruling in favor of Katy Perry and ‘Dark Horse’. According to Billboard magazine, the court made up of three judges has unanimously determined that the resemblance between the two songs it is merely circumstantialso it has released the defendants from any liability.

“The bit of ‘Joyful Noise’ that overlaps with ‘Dark Horse’ is nothing more than a blatantly conventional arrangement of blocks of music. Allowing copyright to apply to material of this nature would essentially entail imposing a usage monopoly on a two-note sequence., or for a whole key“, reads an extract of the sentence that has transpired this Thursday.

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