Kenia Os and Thalía, together in a song? Rumor drives social media crazy

Right now, there is a great uproar in social networks over the rumor that Kenia Os and Thalía are going to collaborate musically, which could have a music video, which seems to be filmed in the United States, where Tommy Mottola’s wife currently lives.

It all started when the “Keninis”, the name by which fans of the Mazatlan influencer are known, realized that her idol and the interpreter of hits like “Amor a la mexicana” and “Arrasando” were together in the same place. However, neither of them had said anything about it.

MTVLA assured that there is a musical project being harvested between both artists.

Later, the influencer Pablo Chagra assured that both artists are shooting the music video for a new song in Los Angeles, information that was replicated by the MTV Latin America account on Twitter. It should be noted that “La Kenini” has not confirmed this rumor but has confirmed that she is about to release a collaboration.

Likewise, Thalía, who has just debuted in the Metaverse to support the Pride movement, has not said anything about it either. In the meantime, fans are eager to know more about it but unfortunately they will have to wait until one of the two gives official information through their social networks.

Thalía and Kenia Os compete for record on iTunes

Kenia Osuna is now the female singer with the most songs that touch the top of iTunes Mexico.

“La Kenini” also snatched the record for the song with the most #1’s by a Mexican worldwide.

The news of a possible collaboration between Kenia Os and singer Thalía comes a couple of months after both competed for an important record on iTunes. Now, “La Kenini” is the Mexican singer with the song that has the most #1’s in the world and is also the female artist with the highest number of songs that reached the top of said chart.

Who is Kenia Os?

The Mazatlan influencer leaves behind her facet as a youtuber to dedicate herself fully to the world of music.

As AmericanPost.News mentioned before, Kenia Os is a influencer, content creator for YouTube, businesswoman and now singer which has stood out for having a large number of followers on social networks, which she has achieved thanks to her charisma, simplicity and talent.