Kenneth was murdered in prison: he had been convicted of killing his sister-in-law and her boyfriend

United States.- Kenneth Thompson, 38, was murdered in an Arizona prison last Wednesday, the convict had killed his sister-in-law and her boyfriend, where he used Scientology in defense of his actions, in his trial he indicated that he wanted to make a “rescue from spiritual death.”

Thompson had been sentenced to deathHowever, he was attacked in his “assigned housing unit in the Arizona prison.”

However his death is being investigated as an apparent homicide in which two other inmates would be involved.

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In 2012, Kenneth Thompson traveled from his home in Missouri to Arizona, where he killed the couple with an ax and a knife, the condemned man poured acid on their bodies and set their house on fire.

In 2019, a jury in Prescott, the city where his relative’s home was located, found him guilty of first degree murder, robbery, arson, criminal damage and tampering with evidence. for which he was sentenced to death.

At the Kenneth Thompson trial, he said that he was raised as a Scientologist and claimed that he carried out the crime with the intention of “rescue from spiritual death“to the children of his sister-in-law after learning that one of them was being treated by a psychiatrist.

Kenneth Thompson’s attorneys argued that Scientologists view psychology as “evil and a scam.”

In his trial, Kenneth Thompson assured that he had traveled to his sister-in-law’s house to convince her to let him take care of the children and that he only carried the ax because I was planning to camp.

However, the discussion they had turned violent, Kenneth thompson He was detained by the police when he was driving down a road towards his house and inside his vehicle the knife and the ax with human hair and blood were found.

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