Kentucky man sentenced to life in prison for raping 2 under-12s

Kentucky man sentenced to life in prison for raping 2 under-12s

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

A man from the north of Kentucky received a sentence of life imprisonment by rape of two children under the age of 12, authorities said.

A judge followed the jury’s recommendation when sentencing Monday for Joshua Turner, of Park Hills, ireported WKRC. Jurors had convicted Turner, 31, of eight felonies, including rape of children, sodomy with children and the sexual abuse of minors.

Joshua Turner was found guilty of “horrible” charges of rape of minors and he will spend the rest of his life in prison, said Rob Sanders, a Kenton County Commonwealth attorney.

Sanders had asked the judge to abide by the jury’s recommendation to apply 8 penalties to life in prison for Turner for his crimes.

The attorney who defended Turner wanted the judge to reduce the sentence recommended by the jury to 40 years in prison.

Judge Kathleen Lape did not agree to the defense’s request, noting that Turner destroyed the innocence of two young children and damaged the lives of many more people who had to deal with the consequences of their crimes.

“It was the right thing to do,” Sanders said of the life sentence. “Joshua Turner gave those kids a life sentence and now he’s getting it too!”

Sanders said Turner’s victims are now in therapy and his office would work to make sure they have access to all available resources to help them cope with their trauma.

Police arrested Turner of Park Hills in September 2020 after authorities said he filmed himself having sex with two children under the age of 12.

Turner’s girlfriend suspected he had been cheating on her and going through Turner’s belongings discovered child pornography. She handed him over to the authorities.

Police compared the abuser’s tattoos in the videos to Turner’s tattoos. His apartment was in the background of those videos and photos. The police recovered the clothes that he and the girls seen in the videos were wearing.

“Seeing a child being sexually abused on videotape is as disturbing as seeing someone killed on videotape,” Sanders said last year.