Kenya attacks you against those who invent gossip against Kimberly Loaiza

Kenya Os declared through his Twitter account that feel sick and tired that always link her to gossip against Kimberly Loaiza. This, after thousands of Internet users related it to the recent controversy that the youtuber had Youtuber Fox with the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja.

And it is that Zorrito published a video on his channel where he “reacted” to the new song that Kim premiered with Ovi called “After 12”. the controversial youtuber severely criticized the theme song and even assured that the song was a plagiarism about the topic “512” of Mora and Jhay Cortez. Given this, the Loiaza fans thought Kenya was involved in this controversy.

As we inform you in AmericanPost.NewsRecently, Kenya Os “humiliated” Kimberly Loaiza on Youtube, after the premiere of her new single “fuck3r”which has become a success and where he sings in collaboration with rapper Snow Tha Product.

Kenya Os distances itself from the controversy of Zorrito Youtubero with Kimberly Loaiza

Although the creator of Kenya Os Beauty it had nothing to do with the controversy of Zorrito Youtubero against Kimberly Loaiza, many social media users began to tag her and “ask her to put a stop to her friend.” However, it seems that the singer is no longer friends with the content creatorwell they both unfollowed each other on all your social networks.

Kenya no longer wants to be involved in the controversies against Kim/Photo: Revista Tú Kenya and Kimberly created a rivalry a few years ago, which continues to be promoted by JD Pantoja and thousands of Internet users/Photo: TVNotas

What’s more, Kenya asked you on her Twitter account that stop always relating it to the controversies against the “Lindura Mayor”since she now wants prioritize your mental health: From heart I tell you it’s already tired. My passion is being in the studio and making good music. I don’t want to have problems with anyone inside or outside the industry. I just want to do what makes me happy, create,” he declared.

“It is really frustrating to have worked all day on my project and new things that are coming for my career. Lie down quietly and see that I’m in trouble that I didn’t even know I had”, pointed out the 22-year-old Mexican influencer.

What happened to Kimberly Loaiza and Kenya Os?

Kenya and Kimberly created a rivalry a few years ago, which continues to be promoted by JD Pantoja and thousands of Internet users/Photo: TVNotas

In 2018 both youtubers and musical artists decided break all kinds of relationship after what Kenya refused to sign a contract offered by Juan de Dios PantojaKim’s husband Apparently said document did not favor the career of Osand for this reason, he decided to leave Team JukiLop and continue on his own.

But due to this separation, many say that Kimberly Loaiza declared war on Kenya Os. However, with the passing of time, it is the “Kenini” who has asked to stop being associated with the Juki.

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