Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal to wait for Secretary Antony Blinken next week

Secretary Antony Blinken will meet with representatives from Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.

Photo: ALEX BRANDON / AFP / Getty Images

This Friday it was informed by the US State Department that Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal next week, with an agenda where he hopes to address issues such as the pandemic, democracy and the climate crisis.

Through an official statement, the State Department indicated that the trip will take place between November 15 and 20, and Secretary Blinken is expected to underline the “depth and breadth” of the relationship between the United States and its African partners.

Too promote collaboration between Washington and Africa on “shared global priorities”, as well as the covid-19 pandemic, a more inclusive global economy, the climate crisis, democracy, peace and security, the letter detailed.

Blinken will begin his tour in Nairobi, where he will meet with the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, and officials of his Government.

According to EFE, the official will place special emphasis on US support for “peaceful and inclusive” elections in that country next year.

Similarly, the Secretary of State looks forward to speaking out on US-Africa policy and meeting with digital entrepreneurs for economic and technological improvements.

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