Kenya Os and Ramón Vega come together in a powerful collaboration, the most viral song on TikTok

Mexico.- The singers Kenya Os and Ramón Vega come together to collaborate on one of the most popular songs from TikTok; ‘throw me a hello’the singer’s theme that has become viral on the short video platform and one of the trends since its launch due to its great rhythm.

The cheerful theme was originally released by Ramónmanaging to make it a viral challenge, which reached Kenya, who decided to make her own challenge and start creating a great uproar among her followers, who did not stop until they achieved interaction between both artists and they succeeded.

After Kenya posted her video on TikTokRamón also shared it and that is how a demand began for them to work together and today, finally, the long-awaited is launched ‘Throw me a hello (Remix)’song in which they collaborate together for the first time.

Within hours of its release, the song became a trend and one of the most talked about. In social networks, the great reception it has achieved is noticeable and the followers of both have not stopped using the audio for their videos, thus creating a new viral challenge.

But not everything is rosy for the singers, mainly for Kenia Os, and it is that the influencer and singer was accused of wanting to “hang on to fame” of the singer of the Vega Dynasty, this for allegedly noticing how well she has done recently .

Faced with the wave of criticism and bad comments, the singer decided to refer to the subject and assured that the success of the song has nothing to do with it, but rather the art of making music. Ramón Vega, for his part, expressed his excitement at working with one of the female artists of the moment.

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