Keto Diet: The Serious Illnesses This Eating Plan Can Cause

Keto Diet: The Serious Illnesses This Eating Plan Can Cause

It is undeniable to say that In recent years, the Keto diet has taken hold and took a highly relevant place in health and nutrition trends. The main reason for its popularity is related to its positive results in weight loss, in addition it has been found that many people find it useful to consider some totally forbidden foods when concentrating on losing weight. The truth is that everything has been said about ketogenic diets and in fact there are some scientific references that talk about their benefits. Recently a report recently published in Frontiers in Nutrition raises new concerns about what they call this “very low carb” diet. According to the researchers, it is related to some of the dreaded, prolonged and most discussed chronic diseases of recent times.

What did the study consist of? Seven renowned medical and nutrition researchers from prestigious institutions in the US and Canada set out to review 123 previous studies. As a background, everyone recognized that the ketogenic diet method, which promotes severely limit carbohydrate intake and set fasting time parameters it can affect the way the body metabolizes fat. After a thorough analysis, the study authors concluded that for most people the risks of ketogenic diets outweigh the benefits.

The researchers suggest that high intake of meats, cheeses, oils and other basic components of the Keto diet, combined with the lack of appropriate nutrients: results in a significantly increased risk in several common chronic diseases. According to the statements of one of the study’s co-authors, Neal Barnard, chairman of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and professor at the George Washington University School of Medicine: “Foods that stand out in a ketogenic diet are the same products that cause colon cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. ” The study also adds chronic kidney disease and diabetes to the list of diseases associated with the Keto diet.

For more detail: roughly the keto diet strictly limit carbohydrate intake, while increasing fat consumption and its main goal is to encourage the body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. This metabolic change is usually radical and puts the body in a state of ketosis, is a process in which the body begins to break down fat due to a lack of sugar in the blood. In such a way that it manages to convert fat into ketones that are responsible for providing the energy it needs. There is data in which it is confirmed that a person enters a state of ketosis between 2-4 days after starting the diet. This is the main reason why it is considered one of the most effective and fastest weight loss methods today. However, this study comes to confirm that the way we lose weight has a lot to do with our health.

Furthermore, the study authors emphasize their concern about the main effects of the keto diet in pregnant women or those that can get pregnant. This type of feeding is not recommended as it increases the risk of giving birth to a child with neural tube defects of the brain and spine. Another of the most forceful revelations of the study, relates to the consumption of foods rich in saturated fats that promote ketogenic diets with a increased risk of severe Covid-19.

Undoubtedly, these types of studies serve to be more aware in the methods we choose to lose weight, While it is undoubtedly very exciting to see the quick results that the Keto diet offers. It is also important to know the other side of dramatic weight loss. According to the researchers, there is nothing comparable to following a balanced and colorful diet, but above all complete that is based on the consumption of varied foods that provide all the nutrients that the body needs: fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Which unfortunately are usually omitted in ketogenic diets, due to their high carbohydrate content. However, at this point, it is important to be very clear that not all carbohydrate sources are the same and in fact choosing the correct ones is associated with great health benefits.

Not surprisingly, the Mediterranean diet is the most recommended scheme by specialists in medicine and scientists to lose weight with a lot of nutrition and in turn prevent all kinds of degenerative diseases. It is much more than a diet, it is a lifestyle that promotes a comprehensive and completely natural diet, which in turn is shaped by valuable traditions, celebrations, cooking methods and the use of local ingredients that shine for their protective properties. . In turn, these foods are considered the most powerful ally of health, since they provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients, which defend the body from these chronic diseases.

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