KFC is giving away “Finger Sporks” to get back to finger licking

With the COVID-19 pandemic, KFC’s slogan for its fried chicken is “finger lickin’ good” is no longer appropriate. Now, the restaurant chain is giving away limited-edition finger utensils and has called them “Finger Sporks.”

The new utensils will work for KFC lovers to return to the old practice of licking their fingers, even when enjoying their side dishes.

KFC introduces its finger forks as its new “ergonomic and gastronomic tableware that will bring fun to family dinner.”

The utensils are ideal for use with favorite side dishes such as macaroni and cheese, corn and mashed potatoes. Although customers can experiment with other creative uses.

Getting the Finger Sporks is free and very easy. Can be purchased with the purchase of a KFC Sides Lovers Meal through the KFC mobile app, KFC.com or at participating KFC locations in the United States from June 21 to July 12 or while supplies last.

Sides Lovers Meal includes eight pieces of fried chicken or chicken fillets and three large sides choice and four biscuits. Side dishes include secret recipe fries, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes with or without gravy as well as coleslaw and corn

According to KFC marketing, “every detail of the innovative Finger Spork has been carefully designed and pressure tested, eating many KFC side dishes for the optimal finger licking experience.”

The popular fried chicken chain notes that Finger Sporks are a new version of the original forks that he helped popularize in the early 1970s when Colonel Harland Sanders adopted them as the utensil of choice for all of his Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants.

To promote its new utensils that recall a slogan of more than 50 years of existence, KFC opted for a trip to the past and released a video inspired by the 90s to show how to use the crockery “to lick your fingers”.

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