KFC Launches Plant-Based Chicken Across America

KFC is launching Beyond Fried Chicken, plant-based chicken. After years of development, this new alternative to chicken will be in all KFC restaurants in the United States starting January 10, for a limited time, while supplies last.

KFC’s Plant-Based Chicken was developed by Beyond Meat. KFC claims that Beyond Fried Chicken tastes and is just as juicy as their iconic fried chicken. “A plant-based option that is still good to die for,” he says.

Beyond Fried Chicken is served with a choice of your favorite KFC sauces: Honey BBQ, Ranch, Honey Mostard and KFC Sauce. It is available in combo plant-based with fries and a medium drink, or à la carte in orders of six or twelve pieces. Prices start at $ 6.99, do not include tax and may vary by location.

Restaurants will receive Beyond Fried Chicken already breaded and fried, and store employees will re-fry it before serving. Strict vegans or vegetarians should know that Although this chicken is plant-based, KFC points out that the product is not prepared in a vegan way, because the same areas are used where chicken orders are prepared.

The popular fried chicken chain waited for a long trial period before this national launch. “And now, more than two years later, we can say ‘mission accomplished.’

KFC was the first fast food restaurant in America to introduce plant-based chicken when began testing its first version of Beyond Fried Chicken in August 2019 at select locations.

Testing of the Beyond Fried Chicken began in Atlanta and then expanded to select restaurants in Nashville and Charlotte in 2020. It was finally tested in select restaurants in Southern California. After the successful sales of the plant-based chicken, KFC knew it was a product that the entire United States could try.

In the growing trend of plant-based meat alternatives that fast food chains have joined, Beyond has been collaborating with a number of restaurants. Dunkin sells a Beyond breakfast sandwich.

Panda Express has launched successful trials of Beyond The Original Orange Chicken. Similarly, Beyond is part of one of the most anticipated launches, McDonald’s McPlant.

While there have been some hiccups as well, Taco Bell was recently reported to have canceled their Beyond Meat “carne asada” test that would not be good enough.

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