Khloé Kardashian dresses all her curves in a Fendi jumpsuite and admits that only Kim has her absolute confidence

The tv star Khloé kardashian She knows that she can always turn to her older sister Kim Kardashian for any emergency that, among other things, requires her to remain calm and cool.

The one who was fiancee of the basketball player Tristan Thompson, with whom he has the adorable True (3), has once again praised the famous businesswoman while hinting that in her methodical nature and analytical lies part of his success and the important role he plays within the Kardashian clan.

She is the family crisis management specialist. Poor girl. She is always the one who faces things more calmly and also knows the legal jargon perfectly. He always tells you things that leave you calmer, even if you don’t know what they meanKhloé explained in connection with Kanye West‘s ex-wife’s law studies.

“If there is any kind of drama in our lives, we will speak directly to her. He always tells us: ‘We’ll fix it’ ”, The designer has also added in conversation with Cosmopolitan magazine.

On the other hand, Khloé has revealed that she no longer has such a predisposition when it comes to expressing herself freely on social networks, among other things because the virtual sphere has become, in her opinion, too “dark and absorbing”.

I think I am the loudest sister. But in the last few months I have stopped commenting, I have limited myself to publishing my things and I have left. The networks have become very dark and time consuming. When I am not feeling very strong emotionally, I have toand give me priority ”, he pointed out.

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