Kim Jong Un appears smoking while scolding officials for being “lazy”

Images that have begun to circulate show the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un smoking a cigar while calling “lazy” and blaming his own government, as well as health officials, for an “immature” response to the surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

Let’s remember that North Korea admitted its first coronavirus outbreak just last week, after stating that the country had been free of pandemics for the past two years.

Now the country has reported more than 2.4 million people battling the “fever” and has reported 66 deaths from the disease. In addition, the leader of North Korea has admitted that the outbreak that spread among its population, largely unvaccinated, was a “major disaster”.

He blamed this on the attitude of the local government, reportedly telling a meeting on Saturday that “immaturity in state capacity to deal with the crisis” is to blame.

The dictator also accused them of having a “non-positive attitude, laziness and inactivity”, but now a video has come to light where the dictator can be seen smoking a cigarette while he rebukes his own work team.

However, Kim also told the Politburo (a policy meeting for a communist party) that the virus was being “stably controlled and mitigated.” Kim insisted that the country was beginning to control the outbreak and called for stricter surveillance to maintain the “affirmative trend” in the anti-virus campaign.

North Korea has sent more than a million health workers to find people with fevers and then isolate them in quarantine facilities. I also know have imposed strict travel restrictionsprohibiting people from moving between cities and towns.

Thousands of troops have been deployed so that the transport of medicines to pharmacies runs smoothly.

The North Korean leader was smoking in the middle of a meeting

However, workers are still reportedly gathering at farms, mines, power plants and construction sites, as Kim has emphasized that his economic goals have yet to be met.

An outbreak of coronavirus is likely to be a major headache for the leader running a country with an economy that is already in trouble, under decades of mismanagement and crippling US sanctions.

Human rights activists have warned of how Kim’s management during the pandemic will likely could have “devastating” consequences for the people of North Korea. South Korea has reportedly offered to send medical supplies to its neighbor, but North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has yet to respond.

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