Kim Kardashian asks Victoria Beckham for help to find love again

Kim Kardashian asks Victoria Beckham for help to find love again

Kim Kardashian asks Victoria Beckham for help to find love again.

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The tv star Kim kardashian is still immersed in the divorce process that, sooner or later, will officially lead to her return to singleness after seven years of marriage to rapper Kanye West, father of her four offspring. However, the celebrity would not be willing to wait too long before rebuilding her love life, to the point that she would have turned to her best friends to help her on her mission to want to find love including the designer and ex Spice Girls Victoria Beckham.

Until now it was not known that the businesswoman also Kim kardashian had struck up a close friendship with designer Victoria Beckham after attending his birthday party last April, a celebration that took place in Miami, but that relationship could now play a key role in attempts to Kim Kardashian to recover the illusion on the sentimental plane and want to find love again. And is that Kris Jenner’s daughter I would be convinced that former Spice Girls Victoria Beckham could help her to introduce you to future suitors.

Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham they became very good friends and both have realized that they have many things in common. Kim really admires Victory for the way she has built such a successful career, while combining it with her four children and a very happy marriage. TO Kim would love to love again, and believes that Victoria could help her in the search for love of a suitable man for her ”, has revealed a source to the American magazine Heat.

On the other hand, from the innermost circle of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West no further relevant information on the status of their negotiations has been released. For the moment, the ex-marriage has not stopped presenting a united front so that, regardless of their personal disagreements, their four children are not too affected by the legal process in their day to day life. “Kim he wants to resolve this matter as soon as possible, but he wants to do it from the cordiality and with agreements that are beneficial for all ”, another informant pointed out.

Recently Kim kardashian took his four children to the premiere of the album Kanye West’s Donda and there they all looked similar showing that they are a very mature family that will echo the famous and very called “Coparenting” as their sisters of the dynasty have. Kardashian jenner.

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