Kim Kardashian denies having retouched her navel with Photoshop and takes advantage of the rumors to promote her line of SKIMS

A kim kardashian He did not like to come across a headline, from the tabloid Daily Mail, which suggested that the businesswoman had used the photographic edition to touch up and almost make your navel invisible in one of his latest Instagram posts.

True to her impulsive character, the ex-wife of Kanye West has not been slow to go to the virtual sphere to deny that theory while sharing a screenshot of the aforementioned article, as well as another similar one from the also tabloid The New York Post. “Really, Boysdoreally? This is a bullshit…?They seriously think I’ve edited my own belly button?”, She has assured about a hypothesis that she finds absurd but, frankly, it is not unreasonable either coming from the Kardashian family.

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As if that were not enough, the also model and designer has not hesitated to take advantage of the media attention that this whole matter is arousing to unceremoniously promote some of the shaping garments that she markets through her successful brand Skims, alluding precisely to those “ insecurities” regarding her navel that both news portals attribute to her.

“Do you have insecurities with your belly buttons? doWhy not head over to to find something to hide your flabby belly with?? ¡I have already done! We have high-waisted underwear like the one I’m wearing in the photo”, she has written in another Instagram Stories post of hers.

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