Kim Kardashian goes to lunch with Kanye West and everyone wonders if there will be reconciliation

Kim Kardashian goes to lunch with Kanye West and everyone wonders if there will be reconciliation

Kim Kardashian is going to eat with Kanye West and everyone is wondering if there will be reconciliation.

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Considering that this summer Kim kardashian has staged on several occasions the admiration and affection that he has never stopped feeling for her ex-husband Kanye WestDespite the fact that both were immersed in a complex divorce process last February, it is understandable that in recent days the American social chronicle has enthusiastically welcomed the possibility that the reality star is considering a change of heart. course to give a second chance or reconciliation to her marriage to Kanye West, especially after Kanye invited Kim out for lunch.

The also designer and her four children have religiously attended all those events that the rapper has been organizing to present to his followers his new album Donda, and the truth is that in his last public statements Kim kardashian has been full of compliments towards Kanye west both in his role as a musician and as a father. This explains, among other things, why some experts in the world of the heart have recently dropped the theory of the reconciliation.

However, sources from his closest circle have now wanted to refute these conjectures to underline that, despite their unbreakable friendship, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian They have already assumed that their marriage is a thing of the past, but not the close relationship that they will continue to cultivate in the years to come for the sake of their four offspring – North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm – and for their own.

Kim and kanye they continue to have a very friendly relationship. It has always been important to Kim stay on good terms with Kanye, but they will not return. This week Kim Kardashian accepted an invitation from Kanye to eat, because they are still friends and get along great. Additionally, Kim continues to receive very good career advice from Kanye. The two are family, despite the fact that each now needs their own space ”, assured an informant in conversation with People magazine.

However, there has also been much speculation that Kanye west I was dating the ex of the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, Iryna Shayk. With whom he was seen in France walking and celebrating his birthday. Although some said that between the two there was only friendship. Many also commented that a Kanye west He liked the idea of ​​hanging out with the supermodel, but that he wasn’t willing to move to New York to be around Irina.

But, another of the theories that has gained strength in recent days is that Kanye I would have forgotten the matter with Irina Shayk and ended their supposed relationship for wanting reconcile him with Kim Kardashian. Total that only the future will tell if the flame of love is still burning here.

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