Kim Kardashian pays Kanye West $ 23 million to get his Los Angeles mansion

Kim Kardashian.

Photo: Roy Rochlin / Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

In addition to the custody of their four children in common, another issue that Kim kardashian and Kanye west have had to address in the framework of their divorce has been who will get the impressive Hidden Hills mansion they lived in together until recently.

According to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, and obtained by People magazine, home It was appraised by an independent expert in June 2020.

Ultimately, Kim agreed to pay Kanye $ 20 million for the property, which covers the initial investment they made to acquire the property.

The purchase makes Kardashian the owner of all the furniture, accessories, appliance collectibles, silver and art it contains inside for which paid an additional $ 3 million.

The ex-partner bought the house in 2014 and they worked very hard to make it the family home of their dreams, which in their case was the equivalent of a futuristic monastery in a palette of whites.

Throughout the remodeling process, both the couple and their children moved in with Kris jenner, Kim’s mother, and were unable to enter her home until December 2017.

Four months later, Kris herself revealed that the home’s value had skyrocketed from the $ 20 million they had initially paid for it to a staggering $ 60 million.

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