Kim Kardashian walks dressed in black, with a skirt that did not let her walk well, and her hair was not fixed

kim kardashian he seems to have a certain predilection for fashion pieces that complicate his life. Kanye West’s ex was caught in New York, when she walked the streets completely dressed in black. Kim she was heading to the famous NOBU restaurant, where she would eat with some friends.

nor in The fat and the skinny they cover themselves as much in black as Kim Kardashian. While Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina can’t get over the death and mourning of Queen Elizabeth II, Kim simply hides all her curves with this piece for fun? fashion? No one knows the reason yet.

As expected, the press caught her presence and thus evidenced with the photographs the narrow skirt that complicated Kim’s steps. But just as her outfit drew attention, and the lack of arrangement of her hair, many also noticed the interesting Balenciaga bag that she carried in her right hand.

Kim Kardashian was caught dressed in black, on the streets of NY. / Photo by Grosby Group

Today Kim seems to have become the walking advertisement for the luxury brand Balenciaga, since she wears almost all of its creations and so practically anyone could say that the most controversial of the Kardashians is the brand’s walking billboard.

Kim breaks free from various properties: her last goodbye to Kanye?

As reported by Showbiz, Kim Kardashian has purchased a four-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom mansion in Malibu, California, that belonged to Cindy Crawford. As revealed by a real estate source to the Entertainment Tonight portal, the 41-year-old celebrity has paid $70.4 million dollars, a figure considerably less than the $90 million dollars that the property cost.

The same outlet also reports that Kim has recently put a house up for sale. $5.3 million in Hidden Hills, and a $3.5 million condo in Calabasas. These movements in his real estate portfolio point to a possible change in his personal life and the possibility that he is preparing to move away from the mansion that he bought, reformed and shared in his day with his ex Kanye West.

The then couple acquired the property located in Hidden Hills in 2014 and completely renovated it in collaboration with the architect Axel Vervoodt to turn it into what the rapper himself defined as a futuristic monastery in a palette of white tones that served as a family home. When the works were finally finished, its value had skyrocketed from $20 million to $60.

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