Kim Shantal and Suavecito chase Alex Flores out of his apartment

The couple of influencers formed by kim shantal Y Softly they often pull pranks on their close friends and recently chose alex flowers to be a victim of their occurrences.

The joke came up just as they were moving into a new apartment in the Mexico CityHere below we explain the context.

kim shantal he has been living with his best friend for several years Alexbut in the last few months, Softly He has become part of the group of friends by formalizing his romantic relationship with Kim.

That is why now the three of them will live together in a larger apartment but in the same area.

Since they were unpacking their things, Suave had the idea of ​​playing a little prank on Alex, in which he fell flat, and was about to burst into tears, since he was beginning to believe that what his friends were asking for was real.

Alex Flores falls in joke of Suavecito

Kim and Suave made him believe that they already wanted to live together as a couple and that meant that he would find another apartment and move in that same day,

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