Kimberly Flores launches a new song, but the haters of the Guatemalan make fun and say: “Karol G trembles”

“El Trenecito” is the new song he has released Kimberly Flores, Edwin’s wife Luna who is currently participating in “The House of the Famous”, reality of Telemundo. Images of the music video circulated on the account of Instagram of Suelta La Sopa, where her haters and detractors are attacking her, and among everything they say to her, malicious mockery also appears.

It must be agreed that the launch of her song, while the now singer is participating in the reality show, can be a good marketing idea. Even though not everyone is liking this musical material, as some are saying: “My poor ears bleed”, “Anyone wants to” sing “now. And continue: “The song of the moment for the crocodiles has arrived. If that is music, I am Cleopatra ”.

“Ridiculous old woman” is another of the messages that are being sent to Luna’s wife. Some even say that Kimberly seems to think she is like the new Karol G: “Don’t f * ck ridiculous. This one does not sing anything and by God !, “The little train”? What is that choch * ada. Karol G is already believed! ”.

And so the cruel taunts continue: “Let the regetoneras grab hold, the mere mere arrived.” Others, on the other hand, applaud the physique more than the voice and dance of the now singer: “The Guatemalan woman is tough.”

Here the promotion of the subject from the screens of Telemundo.

Beware that the song with its respective video will see its premiere this Friday and announce it as: “The song of the moment.” In the publication of Kimberly’s Instagram they are also leaving unpleasant messages, one of which reads one like this: “My grandmother says that for that type of music we are all going to go to hell.”

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