Kimberly Flores left ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ after Edwin Luna’s visit and rumors of infidelity

Kimberly Flores left ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ after Edwin Luna’s visit and rumors of infidelity

Kimberly Flores from ‘The House of the Famous’.

Photo: Telemundo / Courtesy

Kimberly flowers abandoned “The House of the Famous”From Telemundo after a surprise visit from her husband Edwin moon. The singer went to the studio where the show is recorded to talk to his wife but the production left it for last.

Driver Hector Sandarti He promised to give all the details of this meeting next Monday. The online broadcast of the house was censored but hours later it was revealed that Kimberly had left the reality show.

It was La Jefa who announced that Kimberly would no longer participate in the program.

“Due to a personal situation, Kimberly has left La Casa de Los Famosos. I want to clarify that it is nothing that has no solution. These are situations that she needed to resolve. I’ll give you more information later, ”La Jefa was heard saying.

Kimberly’s departure follows several incidents at the house where she had been linked to Roberto Romano. From the first week there was a union between these two and Telemundo promoted the rapprochement between the two. Alicia machado, who had an affair with Roberto, had problems with Kimberly because of her closeness. Machado came to call Kimberly “musty” on several occasions, expressing how badly he disliked her.

In her view, Alicia did not think it was wise for Kimberly to flirt with the boys in the house because she was a married woman with children. Last weekend Alicia reached out to Kimberly to finally express everything she thought to her and for her to take better care of herself and not ruin their marriage.

It will be until Monday when we see what happened between Edwin and Kimberly.

“La Casa de los Famosos airs 24 hours a day on and Monday through Friday at 7 pm/6c on Telemundo.


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