Kimberly Flores shows off her shapely rear with a tiny red bikini

Kimberly Flores shows off her shapely rear with a tiny red bikini

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Despite the criticism it receives Kimberly flowers continues to attract glances, and although he is currently in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ he does not forget his followers on social networks, with whom showed off his shapely anatomy with a daring swimsuit that thousands fell in love with.

The model of Guatemalan origin is one of the celebrities who currently participate in the rality from Telemundo, ‘La Casa de los Famosos‘, but this did not prevent that, through his official Instagram account, he shared a sexy photograph with which he attracted the attention of 1.7 million followers, where he exposed his statuesque figure with a revealing bikini in red that attracted the stares of at least 51 thousand fans.

With the sensual image in which he exposed his shapely rear, he took the opportunity to thank his admirers for the support they have given him in the first days that he has lived with other celebrities. And he clarified that, as dictated by the rules of the competition, is incommunicado so your social networks are in the hands of someone else.

Although days before she was moved and assured that it was difficult for her to say goodbye to her husband and children, she is also excited by the new experiences that will allow her to participate in a program of this level, where the main challenge will undoubtedly be to let go of people. What does he want.

Willing to meet a new one Kim, the influencer and businesswoman showed off her spectacular anatomy shortly before with a message in which she shared a bit of her philosophy of life:

No one finds their way without getting lost multiple times“He wrote at the bottom of a sensual postcard in which he wore a tiny outfit that drew sighs from another significant number of fans.

In this way, the wife of the vocalist of The Trakalosa of Monterrey She said she was ready to show her best version before the cameras that will follow her 24 hours a day through the Telemundo screens, where she will surely fall in love with her seductive personality that she continually boasts on Instagram and other virtual communities.

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