Kimberly Flores talks about her difficult past with economic deficiencies: “I used to dance”

Kimberly Flores talks about her difficult past with economic deficiencies: “I used to dance”

Kimberly Flores from ‘The House of the Famous’.

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The name of Kimberly flowers has been involved in endless criticism since he decided to unite his life with that of the Mexican singer Edwin moon in 2019, even more so after achieving a surprise and fleeting participation in the Telemundo reality show ‘The House of the Famous‘. That is why he decided to end the speculations that have existed around his private life and her origins in Guatemala, where it has been rumored that at some point in her life she was an exotic dancer.

In a video posted through his YouTube channel, the wife of the leader of The Trakalosa of Monterrey spoke for the first and only time about the most relevant aspects of his childhood, where recognizes that there were economic shortcomings during the years when she was raised by her maternal grandmother and an aunt, while her mother, Becky Colombani, lived in the United States.

“I have always told them no (I come) from very low because for me being humble or a person of limited resources I do not like to catalog it that way because we are all on the same level, but we did lack many things, but we were happy.”

Proud of its origins, the influencer today whose full name is Kimberly Rebeca Elizabeth, assured that all the difficulties she has gone through have taught her to value what she can enjoy with her family today, so she is not worried about the criticism she continually receives.

“Many people have criticized me because I come from that, but it makes me proud, it has taught me many things. He taught me to be strong, to value everything I have, to work harder for my children so that they don’t get to experience those moments ”.

And she recalled that since adolescence she faced the first ridicules with her classmates, who made her feel bad for coming from a humble family. Later, among the 17 and 18 years old she met the father of her two children, who was a DJ at a disco. It was at this stage that she became pregnant with Elian, her first child, and although she remembers hiding her pregnancy for six months, her family did not accept it, for which she was forced to leave her home. From then on, she had to think not only about herself but also about working to cover the expenses of the baby that was on the way, one of her first jobs being a disco.

“My son was barely 20 days old, but I had to give him milk, I didn’t produce so I had to start working from 20 days old because the formula lasted for three days.”

Referring to the indications that point out, she has worked as an exotic dancer, accepts that she came to dance in a nightclub; however, she clarifies that she did not dance specifically for men.

“I worked in a disco, people were passing by, I started dancing. That is why many people have criticized me, they have called me teibolera, exotic dancer and a lot (of qualifiers). And yes, I have danced my entire time. Thank God I’ve never had to get to such a place. I worked in a club where men and women entered, it was a normal club ”

At 2 years of age, their first-born son was diagnosed with autism, for which he received support from the Mexican public institution of social assistance DIF, after a second medical opinion they detected that his baby had an attention deficit. Shortly after, she decided to return to work in her native Guatemala and had to leave her son in the care of her grandmother in Chiapas, where the little one received medical attention and the care of her relatives, all this while she worked as an aide-de-camp and in a restaurant. Years later, he was reunited with Elian’s father and his second son Damien was born, who ran with greater luck, because on this occasion he had the financial support of his partner.

Kimberly flowers She reiterated that she is proud of her past and is grateful for it, because thanks to it she became the woman she is today.

“I do not regret it, I am not ashamed either, we all have a different life and the one I had I am grateful for because otherwise I would not be here.”

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