Kimberly Flores talks about ‘the only truth’ between her and Edwin Luna after allegations of infidelity

Kimberly flowers has not had a good time after passing through “The House of the Famous”From Telemundo. The wife of Edwin moon He left the reality show after the singer asked him to leave because of the problems outside.

Luna revealed that Kimberly’s children had read notes about their mother and everything that was said about her in the media. This led to the children being bullied at school, according to Luna. And it is that during his stay at “La Casa. of the Famous ”, Kimberly gave a lot to talk about her behavior with her partner Roberto Romano.

From the first week there was a rapprochement between Kimberly and Roberto that made many doubt that there was something else. Inclusive, Alicia machado He pointed out her for not having the attitudes of a married lady inside the house and asked her not to ruin their marriage.

Several days after leaving “The House of the Famous”, Kimberly has made a post on Instagram talking about the truth between her and her husband.

“Pointing is so easy, condemning even more. But what you and I know we have is the most real thing that exists !! ” published the former participant of the Telemundo reality show. “So no matter how much they make a story, put together their novels, the ONLY TRUTH is this we have @edwinlunat and @kimfloresgz . Everyone can keep their perspective as they want it to be and their doubts can be answered yourself. I just tell them that For my part, everything is clarified with what I love the most #Mifamilia and as the world rolls“.

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