Kimberly Loaiza agreed to be jealous in a video and in front of JD Pantoja

Through Tik Tok, Kimberly Loaiza became a trend again for “confessing” levels of jealousy To whom she can reach, and sitting on the legs of Juan de Dios Pantoja, she pointed out that she has detective instincts of other women, which sparked controversy among her millions of followers on the Internet.

In the video, he appears with JD, who also acts in the images and accepts that the so-called Lindura Mayor, can be very jealous, and although it was only a joke, many took it seriously.

Despite being one of the most followed women on Tik Tok, Kimberly continues her reign on YouTube, and has also broken international records, as she is an extremely famous influencer in other countries.

Kimberly Loaiza jokes about her intense jealousy

The influencer pointed out that she has instinctive jealousy The youtuber has more than 50 million followers

The publication was made on the youtuber’s Tik Tok account and it was all a joke, as they followed the dialogue of other videos, but they were seen extremely involved in their role, which gained credibility with their followers.

“Kim is not jealous, she just takes care of her own right kim?” wrote one of his fans.

Currently the publication has more than 12 thousand comments and many do not stop admiring the beauty of the young mother, who remains in constant contact with her followers, like her husband, JD Pantoja.

Kim’s story with Juan de Dios Pantoja is one of the favorites of the couple’s followers, as they affirm that they had to go through many obstacles to be together, it motivated that it would be valid for the jealousy of the influencer, according to some of their fans .

How many followers does Kimberly Loaiza have on Tik Tok 2021?

The youtuber has more than 50 million followers

La Lindura Mayor broke her own brand, as she already has more than 50 million followers on this social network in which she has positioned herself as one of the most followed women in the world, surpassing artists of international stature.

Many of the reasons why fans love Kimberly Loaiza circulate in networks, being even more loved than JD Pantoja himself and we made all the details known in AmericanPost.News.

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