Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja squander sensuality in ‘Así se baila’

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja squander sensuality in ‘Así se baila’

Kimberly Loaiza.

Photo: Emma McIntyre. / Getty Images

Kimberly loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja They have surprised with their dance skills within their participation in the reality show of TelemundoThis is how you dance”.

The couple has become known within their facet of Youtubers and now is that they receive their first opportunity to appear in a television program and they have not missed the opportunity to show all their talent in this new project.

In their most recent participation they have had a tough test because they have played a bachata song with the song “The best version of me”And of which they have shared a video for their followers on their Instagram account.

And it is that they have impressed with their naturalness to dance this complicated genre, taking the love and support of their fans and leaving the judges just as shocked, since with great sensitivity they have left the best of their skills on the dance floor and they have stolen the hearts of thousands.

The popular couple who have millions of followers in networks have faced this great challenge that since they started has put them hard as a couple, because it is not easy to stand out as a team with such tough competition, but it shows that they have given their best effort and has led to success among the show’s audience.

With a shiny outfit with beards and openings, Loaiza has shone, delighting with her great beauty all those present and users of the networks who have been captivated with the beauty of the “Older cuteness”, While her partner wore all black to complement the look.

They have received very good reactions from their fans under the post that at the moment already accumulates more than 3.1 million reproductions and thousands of compliments in the comments.

Wepa, spectacular“,”Oh how nice they did it!“,”There was fire on the track my queen“,”Too much passion“Some admirers of the couple expressed on social media.