Kimberly Loaiza announces her third pregnancy

Kimberly Loaiza surprises by announcing her third pregnancy with Juan de Dios Pantoja? Or at least that's what fans are saying.

Kimberly Loaiza caused a stir among her entourage of loyal followers by sharing a photo on her Instagram stories where she is presumably undergoing a medical study that appears to be an ultrasound while accompanied by Juan de Dios Pantoja, sparking rumors of a third pregnancy.

Kimberly Loaiza // Instagram
JukiLop shared mysterious photos on Instagram, sparking rumors of a third pregnancy

The images have not gone unnoticed by their followers, who question why “La Lindura Mayor” visited the doctor. So far, the influencers have not confirmed that it is the arrival of their third baby, but they are expected to make a statement in a video that they will share on their YouTube channel.

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja began their romance in 2013. Even though their sentimental relationship has been “shaken” by scandals involving infidelities and mistreatment, the couple has shown their love is stronger. Today, they can boast that they have formed a beautiful family.

Kimberly Loaiza’s children

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja have formed a beautiful family with Kima Sofia and Juanito. The couple welcomed their firstborn on July 12, 2019; she is 3 years old. In a short time, the little girl has become an internet celebrity and is loved by JukiLop fans.

On February 16, 2021, the birth of Juanito, also known as Mini JD, was announced. Although her children make her followers feel very touched every time they appear in videos, they have also been the target of cruel mockery and harsh criticism on social networks by JukiLop’s detractors.

What is Kimberly Loaiza’s husband’s name?

Juan de Dios Pantoja is Kimberly Loaiza’s husband. As American Post News mentioned, the influencers have just celebrated ten years of relationship, enough time for them to position themselves as one of the Internet’s favorite couples but also one of the most controversial.

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