Kimberly Loaiza appears “without eyebrows” on TikTok

Kimberly Loaiza is in the best stage of his professional life and thanks to his long career in the networks, he has been able to consolidate a community of more than 34 million followers among Instagram Y TikTok.

In addition, in recent months she has become one of the most famous TikTokers in the country and recently received an award from the application because her first “live” was the most viewed of all time on the social network.

Through the Chinese platform, the young influencer shared a video in which she surprised her fans, because she revealed the unexpected change of “look” she made on her face.

Kimberly Loaiza cleared an eyebrow

In the recording, he appears in black clothes for exercise and his hair tied up, while trying to walk on a treadmill, but when he turns around he appears with his much lighter eyebrow. Can you clarify them for me?” he wrote in the publication.

His fans immediately sent their reactions and comments in which the majority warned him not to do it: “You are a cutie since 2016”, “whatever you decide we support you”, “you look super good”, are some of which can be read.

Currently the recording already has more than 5 million views and it is that the content of the “elder cutie” usually goes viral in a matter of minutes, thanks to its creativity and undoubtedly beauty.

Will Kimberly Loaiza have her third child?

Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza.

A few days ago, “influencer” shared a video in which he revealed how he celebrated his 9-year relationship with Juan De Dios Pantoja, with whom he has created his own family alongside his two children Kima and Juanito.

One of the “surprises” that Kimberly gave her husband was a pregnancy test, which revealed her third child, however, it was all a joke that she would have prepared for him to believe.

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