Kimberly Loaiza vacations in Paris with Juan de Dios Pantoja and her children

Kimberly Loaiza went on vacation to Paris after raising the Mexican flag in front of thousands of attendees at Tomorrowland in Belgium.

In this same event, Guaynaa he asked to marry Lele Pons. Lele did not hesitate to choose Loaiza as his matron of honor for her wedding.

In the images published today, you can see kimberly beside John of God Pantoja and their two children: Kima (3 years old) and Juanito (1 year old).

Users congratulated the influencer on her achievements in the Instagram post with 2 million likes.

Kimberly Loaiza travels to Paris with her family

Kimberly Loaiza vacations in Paris with her family. How much does Kimberly Loaiza earn?

It should be remembered that Kim’s participation in Tomorrowland caused a lot of controversy, among those who were proud to have a Mexican representative at the most important electronic festival, while others criticized her and thought that she did not deserve to be on such an imposing stage.

While the fandoms are fighting, she is enjoying the honeys of fame, while taking care of her children with her husband John of God Pantoja on an amazing vacation in Paris.

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How much does Kimberly Loaiza earn?

How much does Kimberly Loaiza earn?

According to information published by Celebrity Net Worth, Loaiza’s fortune would reach eight million dollars (around 16 million 263 thousand pesos, according to this month’s exchange rate).

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