Kimberly Loaiza will give jewelry to her fans and here we tell you how to get them

Kimberly Loaiza has no limits to pamper her fansbecause on several occasions it has been recorded having a series of good deeds with people, buying toys, different types of devices to go out and give them away, as well as money, among other things.

If we remember the Mexican influencer has performed different dynamics to win different thingson this occasion it was, because original articles of her merchandise would be the prizes that would be won by the lucky ones who met the requirements set by the singer of “Pa ‘ese done”.

On this occasion the famous Kimberly Loaiza presumed that they would be two different jewelry stores, one with the “KL” charm and the other with the “JD”, sets made up of sweaters and pants that combined perfectly, with a dark background with surprising flames in blue, with a lot of flow and style.

How to win Kimberly Loaiza jewelry?

Kimberly Loaiza’s instructions were clear, go to the Instagram profile of the older cutie (platform on which she held the draw, through the stories), and then click on the “following” option to reveal other options, fans had to hit “add to favourites”.

Once they have done so, the next step is to take a screenshot of their screen and send it to them by direct message from the same platform, with the hope of being one of the winners of the prizes that would be included in the draw.

The way in which Kim would choose the lucky one would be completely random, since she entered the message section, and sliding the screen from top to bottom several times, with her finger she would point to a specific message, congratulating him and then assuring him that he did not no matter where you are, your gift will come to you.

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Fans applaud gesture of the influencer

It is not for less that many applauded the beautiful gesture that Kimberly Loaiza made with her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja, since it was not necessary but she likes to pamper her fans, for her part, there was another sector of netizens who did not I was very pleased that this situation was carried out.

Some believe that it is to calm down a bit the strong controversy that arose after Katia Vlogs, a close friend of the Jukilop family, spoke about the strong tweets she had made in the past against Kenya Os, leaving the question of whether it was really she or one other person, all pointed to Juan de Dios.

It should be noted that they believe that the draw is to try to stop or make this whole situation go unnoticed, which could perhaps leave the husband of the famous Kimberly Loaiza in a bad light.

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