Kimberly Loaiza’s 5 bikinis that made the public sweat and swept Instagram

Kimberly Loaiza | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Photo: Emma McIntyre. /Getty Images

From her beginnings as an internet star on Youtube with her partner Juan de Dios Pantoja, to her recent achievements as a singer, Kimberly Loaiza has managed to captivate the public with his charisma and beautyqualities that do not go unnoticed in their social networks.

For this reason, the 24-year-old has a digital community of more than 50 million followers on Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram. And it is precisely this platform that has become one of the favorites for the stunning photographs that it publishes.

Through her profile, Kimberly Loaiza shares a few postcards from her private life, including family trips, behind the scenes of her music videos and one or another hot image in bikinis. Here we share some of them!

Calm and tropical

The famous youtuber left more than one with their mouths open after posing in a sensual trikini in which she showed her statuesque figure after giving birth to her second child, impressive!

Wasp belt

A nude colored knitted outfit was the outfit that Kimberly Loaiza chose to enjoy the well-deserved vacation that she took with her family after a long day of promoting her new music.

Dangerous curves

Tremendous figure boasted the interpreter of “Piketona” and “After 12” during one of his last publications. Sheathed in a multicolored bodysuit, Loaiza showed that she does not pay attention to criticism and “what will they say.”

daring selfie

The famous opened the doors of her privacy by publishing a daring selfie from the comfort of your bathroom. The chosen outfit? A tiny white bikini with gold accents that complemented her figure.

body of temptation

“Goddess”, “The most beautiful of all”, “Always a icon“, “Beautiful”, “Forever your fan”, “Every day you are more beautiful” and “A real princess”, are some of the comments that Kimberly received after posting a photograph in a bikini with which she showed her hourglass figure.

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