King of Spain defends the Conquest of America and is far from asking for forgiveness as AMLO requested

Mexico.- The King of Spain is far from apologizing for the request of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador on the Conquest of America.

King Felipe VI defended the Conquest and ensured that all they should feel proud of the values ​​that Spain carried to America.

Last Tuesday, King Felipe VI praised “the model of Spain’s presence in America” ​​after the Conquest.

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“The new territories were incorporated into the Crown in a situation of equality with the other kingdoms,” said King Felipe VI.

Through the @CasaReal Twitter account, he shared the monarch’s visit to the event of the fifth centenary of the founding of the San Juan City Hall, in Puerto Rico.

King Felipe VI received the keys to the city On the part of Mayor Miguel Romero, the monarch vindicated Juan Ponce de León, conqueror and first governor of the island, whose statue was demolished a few hours before his arrival by a group calling itself “Liberary Forces of Borikén”, whose name was given by the indigenous Taínos, who protested his visit.

King of Spain during his visit to Puerto Rico / Photo: Capture

But nevertheless, the statue of Juan Ponce de Leon he was back on the pedestal but with police protection.

King Felipe VI said that “Spain promoted constructions and buildings that today, more than 500 years later, continue to house public institutions”.

He stressed that the Conquest of Spain it implied the creation of government institutions and the construction of universities, schools and hospitals, as well as the language, its culture, its creed and also contributed values ​​and principles such as universal human rights.

The King of Spain told Puerto Ricans that they should be proud about the principles that brought Spain to America.

He even mentioned that in other times it was not like that, alluding to the “consideration of the Indians as human beings endowed with a soul.”

AMLO demanded that they apologize for the Conquest

In the year of 2019, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador complained in writing to the King of Spain to apologize for the Conquest.

However, the President of the Government of Spain, denied that King Felipe VI had to ask for forgiveness to any nation.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized the lack of response from Spain and said that “they took it badly and they didn’t even reply to my letter. However, that has already happened, everyone who assumes their responsibility.”

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