Kirchner’s attacker in Argentina “did not act alone”, according to the vice president’s lawyer

Buenos Aires, Argentina.- The man who attacked the Argentine vice president with a firearm Cristina Kirchner “He did not act alone,” assured the victim’s lawyer, Gregorio Dalbón, by announcing that the former president will also be a plaintiff in the court case.

“The complaint is ready for the vice president’s signature, which will be done on Monday,” Dalbón said, according to the official news agency Telam.

“That way you can have access to the case, suggest evidence, request new arrests, offer experts on behalf of the party and be aware of the results of the process with the possibility of appealing resolutions that cause a burden. In my opinion there will be more (defendants) because I understand that (the attacker) did not act alone,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer had pointed out that, according to his own inquiries, there were preparatory events and that other people were aware of the attacker’s intentions. Being part of the lawsuit will help determine “what is the role of each one, they may have complicity, co-authorship, cover-up,” he told the A24 news channel.

Kirchner, 69, was unscathed from an attack with a firearm, which despite being triggered twice did not go off, on Thursday night when she greeted a group of supporters who were waiting for her at the gates of her house in Buenos Aires.

The attacker is called Fernando Sabag Montiel, 35 years old. Until now he is the only one charged with the crime of aggravated attempted murder and has refused to testify in court.

The man, born in Brazil to an Argentine mother and a Chilean father, had been arrested on March 17, 2021 for carrying a knife but later the case was closed. He has a Nazi symbol tattooed on his elbow.

“I can anticipate that there are more people involved,” Dalbón insisted, specifying that “they are not public figures, they are like this boy.”

The lawyer also criticized this Sunday that the attacker’s cell phone suffered, already in the hands of the investigators, a damage that apparently prevents access to the information it contained.

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“It is incredible that they make mistakes and lose data as important as those that emerge from the phone of a murderer in this case,” said the lawyer, announcing that he will initiate another case for negligence.