Kitten is run over by a bus and survives by sheer miracle, finds a home 6 months later

The trudie’s story, a kitten age four reached many ears due to the severity of it. The feline had been run over by a bus leaving him catastrophic injuries, she lived on the street and although people who saw the incident wanted to help her she fled, but the organization of Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) was in charge of trying to locate her and after 16 long days they were able to find her whereabouts, she was really ill, but thanks to treatments and a lot of love he was able to get ahead, the best thing is that after half a year he found a home forever.

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Kitten miraculously survives after being run over

Little Trudie is a feline who was nicknamed Miracle after a terrible accident that happened to him where it was very likely that lose my life, a bus ran her over in Luton, Bedfordshire, England and left her head in a very bad condition, although they tried to help her, she escaped and they do not know how she survived for 16 days in the condition she was in.

Knowing about this, the RSPCA He insisted on finding the kitten, they put up posters, made it viral on social networks and did everything in their power, but after more than two weeks the search was fruitful, since a local businessman gave notice of the feline that was passing by the place where she was and immediately took her to a veterinary clinic.

Her injuries made it impossible for her to eat, she was very weak, tired and in great pain and later she underwent surgery to remove a little eye in bad condition and join your jawThis was how the first week they fed her through a tube and kept her under surveillance all the time to assess her health.

After everything that had happened they decided to call her too Saint Gertrudis, the patron saint of cats. He regained his strength and even asked for something to eat later. She lasted months in treatments and once she improved, although everyone loved her very much on the premises, they knew that she deserved to have a special family where they would take care of her from all dangers.

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A loving family for Trudie, the run-over kitten

After almost six months after that tragedy, this kitten was looking for the ideal owners until finally angels appeared and gave her a home. According to a statement from the RSPCA they said that a woman named Dennis Hooper and Shirley Carter Upon learning of the story, they decided to open the doors of their home to him; Since he arrived at his new home, he got on very well

“We are great lovers of animals, especially cats, and I knew that I would choose an animal that had been through the worst of times so that I could show them a lovely life.” Hopper said

Without a doubt, this was a charming ending for this kitten who deserved the opportunity to have the love and warmth of a family that loved her very much.