Kitten makes a grand entrance in the conveyor that his owners made for him to take him to sterilize

When it comes to the welfare of pets, it is vitally important to think about their sterilization, whether in dogs or cats, this is necessary so that they do not reproduce and thus avoid the risk of overpopulation of these animals. In the case of cats, these tend to be lazy when looking for a mate, so a family, worried about their feline He contrived to make him a humble transporter and take it to a campaign sterilizationThis captivated many because it was most adorable to see the concern and ingenuity to keep your pet healthy.

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With ingenuity they create a conveyor to take your cat to sterilize

The fact was made known by the Manclova Animal Protection and Control Department, Coahuila, Mexico, This was an authentic engineering, since to take a kitten to these they must be in a transporter so that they do not escape, so before taking it they believed that their beloved feline was very restless, so they were well prepared.

With a puncture tray, bars and many holes around this feline was inside his creative and unique transporter in which he was very comfortable enjoying his trip. Although there are not many details about the family, what is a fact is that, with very little budget, but with great responsibility, they made the decision to make that cage.

Undoubtedly, they were an example to follow for many because some owners do not care about giving the necessary attention to their pets and overlook this aspect, however, for them, it was fair and necessary to have all the health care and guarantee a life without diseases.

This is how the kitten arrived. Facebook: Animal protection and control

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What are the advantages of sterilization in cats?

Not only is it avoiding the reproduction of felines in the street, but sterilizing guarantees more benefits than it seems, therefore, the experts at Purina share some of them so that you do not miss this benefit.

  • Avoid sexually transmitted diseases such as Transmissible Venereal Tumor (TVT)
  • It makes them less lazy. They no longer feel the need to find a partner.
  • They stop fighting and marking territory.
  • They are less aggressive.

What care should a cat have after being sterilized?

There are certain cares that you must carry out so that your kitten heals more easily once he is sterilized. The specialists at Daily Paws recommend the following.

  • Prepare a home area for him to rest after surgery.
  • Stay on top of medications.
  • The diet must be balanced.
  • Limit exercise.
  • Check the area where they operated on every day.
  • You should not bathe it.
  • You must wear an Elizabethan collar or cone.

Doing this is vitally important in order to keep your feline healthy from diseases or even endangering them on the street. Take care of him, as well as this family that used their ingenuity to build the transporter they needed.