Kraft Macaroni and Cheese changes its name and renews its image

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese changes its name and the image of its iconic blue box.

Photo: Business Wire / Courtesy

After 85 years, Kraft’s popular Macaroni & Cheese changes its name and the image of its classic packaging. Macaroni and cheese is now presented with the shortened name that many often use: Mac & Cheese.

Kraft points out that the new name it has given to its macaroons “It’s meant to reflect the way fans organically talk about the brand.”

This Wednesday, the company presented a renewal of all aspects of the brand identity: the name, the logo, the colors of the brand, the typography, the photography, the iconography and the packaging.

The box of macaroni is now a single shade of blue with the amped-up noodle smile dripping with cream cheese.

Kraft says its macaroni and cheese is special and iconic to millions of people around the world. “Our new image is a reflection of what our brand means to our consumers,” says the company.

The macaroni brand is assumed to be comfort food, but rejects the fact that this is always conceived by people as a guilty pleasure, but rather as a form of comfort and feeling good.

“The changes were inspired by comfort seekers: people who believe that comfort is crucial to feeling good and who love a serving of simple food to warm their tummies.”

Kraft’s macaroons are one of the most popular among Americans. According to company data, More than a million cases of Mac & Cheese are sold every day. Although the affordability of this and dozens of Kraft pulp products have recently been affected by price increases.

CNN notes a 20% price increase on the 7.25-ounce plate of Kraft Big Bowl Macaroni & Cheese. According to reports, the rise in prices for Kraft products would be fueled by supply constraints, as well as rising costs for ingredients, labor and transportation.

Kraft says an updated image of its mac and cheese will begin appearing on social channels and the brand’s website this summer. The new packaging will begin shipping in August.

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