Kraft Re-Releases Its Mac & Cheese Flavored Ice Cream

Kraft shared on twitter that he is giving pleasure to the people who were left wanting to keep enjoying macaroni and cheese in its ice cream version.

“We screamed. You screamed. Everyone screamed for more ”, reads Kraft’s message while recommending:“ Get it while you can! ”.

There are people who are ice cream lovers and more so when the taste of something they like a lot can be enjoyed in a different, frozen way.

That is why the artisan ice cream chain Van Leeuwen and Kraft bring back the flavor of macaroni and cheese in ice cream version.

Kraft’s special gluten-free macaroni and cheese ice cream is being offered at a price of $ 12 and its website advises that the sale is limited to two pints per order for everyone to try.

The Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream has the color and flavor of a bowl of macaroni and cheese, but to be enjoyed as a dessert, and it’s made without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

This ice cream had already been released in a limited way on the occasion of the National Macaroni Day, July 14, but many were left with the desire to continue enjoying it and it is again for sale.

At the time Emily Violett, senior associate brand manager at Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, commented that they know that people like to enjoy ice cream with special flavors: “That’s why we wanted to combine two of the most iconic comfort foods to create a ice cream with the unforgettable taste of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with which we all grew up ”.

The comments of the fans of the product have not been long in coming and have already published:

Christina Gillig: “If I can’t buy it again, I’ll cry. I’ve been a loyal Kraft mac and cheese eater for over 25 years. “

Michelle Fritz: “I asked for some for myself and sent some to my nephews who live 1,000 miles away … the best aunt in the world.”

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