Kris Jenner recalls the ‘incredible’ moment Kylie gave birth to son Wolf

Kylie Jenner24, gave birth to her second son with her partner Travis Scott, 30, on February 2 while sharing an adorable photo of what appeared to be four-year-old Stormi holding her younger brother’s hand wolf.

Appearing on The Ellen Show on Thursday, Kylie’s mom Kris recalled being at the birth of her eleventh grandchild. The 66-year-old told host Ellen DeGeneres: “He’s so cute,” she gushed.

Kylie Jenner remembered the birth of her grandson Wolf

Kylie jenner remembered the birth of her grandson Wolf. Kylie shared that she had named her newborn Wolf Webster.

“It’s amazing that he was in the hospital when he was born. It was Kylie, Travis and me. Because now they have rules and regulations, so you can only have a limited number of people,” he added.

“In the past I had like 15 people when I was giving birth, it was like a party, but now it’s very controlled. And when it came out, it was like ‘There’s Stormi being born again,'” she said.

Ellen questioned her, “Does she look like Stormi?” “Exactly,” Kris replied. The driver pointed out that the children’s birthdays were one day apart, to which Kris replied that it was correct.

Kylie shared that she named her newborn Wolf Webster

Kylie shared that she had named her newborn Wolf Webster.

Ellen exclaimed, “That’s crazy! That clearly wasn’t planned?” “No, but she got the best birthday, it was 2/2/22,” she replied. “That’s an angel number. 2-2-2-2 has always been Kylie’s angel number, and a friend of hers bought her a necklace with that number on it, and she was wearing it when she gave birth.”

Last week, Kylie Jenner shared that she named her newborn Wolf Webster. Discreetly sharing her nickname, she uploaded a black square to her Instagram Stories with her son’s name written in white accompanied by a white heart emoji.

As we mentioned in AmericanPost.NewsKylie did not share that she became a mother for the second time until five days after Wolf’s arrival.

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