Kristen Hollinghaus Seninge makes history by running a marathon while teleworking on TikTok

Kristen Hollinghaus Seninge inspires millions by running a marathon while teleworking in a TikTok video that has received nearly 2 million views.
  • Kristen Hollinghaus Seninge ran a marathon while working remotely.
  • Kristen incorporated physical activity into her workday and eventually set the goal of running a marathon while working.
  • The benefits of Kristen’s achievement include improving physical and mental well-being, setting personal goals, and serving as an inspiration.

It has long been said that women possess the unique ability to multitask. This assertion has been repeatedly supported by both scientific research and social media platforms, which have widely circulated videos of women showcasing their innate talent for handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Recently, a video featuring Kristen Hollinghaus Seninge, the 24-year-old creator of the TikTok account @hauskris, has garnered international attention by demonstrating that she is capable of running a marathon while working remotely.


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With the goal of staying active during work hours, Kristen purchased a treadmill to use under her desk as a way to boost both her mood and energy levels. Upon realizing the effectiveness of this strategy, she decided to set herself an even greater challenge: running a half marathon. Eventually, she attempted her ultimate challenge: completing a full marathon while working for hours and documenting the feat on video.

People run marathons all the time, so I figured walking couldn’t be that bad. Let’s see if I can make it through the workday,” Kristen said as she began the challenge, slowly walking on the treadmill.

The video has received nearly two million views.

After taking breaks throughout the day, Kristen was ultimately successful in finishing her marathon. This feat has captivated social media users, resulting in the video accumulating over two million views and an array of comments from viewers.


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Some of the top comments include: “Were you able to do the same amount of work you would normally do?”, “You’re a genius! Unbelievable”, “I don’t know how you do it. I wouldn’t be able to see the computer well enough”, “I want to run a marathon, but I’m terrified”, “I’m not sure why you used your Apple Watch on your ankle to measure the distance instead of the treadmill itself”, “I got a call where I was talking today and walked really slow!” or “This is so inspiring! I love a multitasking queen!”.

Why is Kristen’s video important?

There are several potential surprising benefits to undertaking an endeavor such as Kristen’s marathon-running while teleworking.

  • Enhancing overall physical and mental well-being through the incorporation of exercise into one’s daily routine. By engaging in physical activity while working, an individual may be able to improve their fitness levels, cardiovascular health, and mental health.
  • Setting and striving towards personal goals, which can be both challenging and rewarding. Kristen likely experienced a sense of achievement and pride upon completing her marathon, and this type of accomplishment can be highly motivating.
  • Providing a refreshing break from the often-monotonous nature of desk work. Incorporating physical activity into the workday can offer a change of pace and a different type of mental and physical stimulation, which may increase productivity and focus.

She serves as an inspiration to others. Kristen’s video has amassed widespread attention, and her achievement may have encouraged others to set their own goals and work towards them, or simply to take breaks for physical activity during their workday.