Kroger to eliminate benefits for its employees not vaccinated against COVID-19

The Kroger supermarket chain wants its workforce to be vaccinated against the new wave of Ómicron.

Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images

The Kroger supermarket chain will promote a Greater number of employees are vaccinated against Covid-19 due to growing concern about the Omicron variant and eliminate benefits for unvaccinated workers.

Reuters released some of the measures that the company will implement for employees who have not been vaccinated, between them:

It will suspend the paid Covid-19 license for unvaccinated employees

A monthly health insurance surcharge of $ 50 will apply to non-union salaried employees who are not vaccinated and enrolled in a company health care plan

I think employers find that punching employees in the wallet is a real motivator that… should increase vaccination levels, ”Wade Symons, head of the regulatory resources group at benefits company Mercer, told Reuters.

Symons points out that companies have tried to persuade their workers to apply the vaccination scheme against Covid-19, through the dissemination of educational campaigns and incentive programs, but without achieving the desired results.

Different companies are trying to motivate their workforce to protect itself through vaccines, since employees who are not vaccinated, for whatever reason, can cost the employer more in health insurance costssaid the specialist.

“So if I am an employer that is self-insured and pays my health insurance claims, and I have employees who are not vaccinated and have the potential, not only to contract Covid-19, but also to affect others…. I want them to pay more to try and offset some of those costs.Symons commented.

The administration of President Joe Biden has pushed through a series of measures for companies to ensure that their staff apply the anticovid doses that are available throughout the country, in an effort to end the pandemic, but has faced setbacks in the implementation of your vaccination or testing mandate for private companies.

In February, Kroger decided to offer a monetary incentive to employees who agreed to take the coronavirus vaccine.

The company announced that it would pay employees $ 100 if they showed their vaccination certificate. Those who chose not to get vaccinated for health or religious reasons could be paid if they took a health safety and education course.

Kroger is one of the largest private employers in the United States, with a workforce of 465,000 workers full and part time, according to regulatory documents.

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