Kun Agüero officially retires from football in tears

Due to the huge wave of rumors that were generated around Sergio’s professional future Kun Aguero, the same forward of the Barcelona Fc decided to call a press conference on Wednesday morning to announce that the “hallway gossip” was real and that he is officially retiring from football due to his health.

Let us remember that it is 46 days since the Argentine suffered a heart problem in the duel against Alavés, which forced him to stay out of the field until he was studied by his team of doctors.

That is why he finally decided to speak and tearfully make the important announcement of his retirement, in fact, as we informed you in AmericanPost.News, there was already information that he would leave Barcelona for a reason related to his heart, but now he himself explained everything the unfortunate situation.

“I have decided to stop playing football”: Kun Agüero

The press conference began and the same mixed feelings did not allow him to speak, but the assistants, managers of the Barcelona Club and his own family gave him a shower of applause which reassured him and he began to speak.

“Well, this conference is to inform you that I have decided to stop playing football. It is a very hard time for me. The first thing is my health and you already know why I made this decision, so I was in the good hands of the doctors, who They have chosen the best decision for me and that was to stop playing, “he explained with a voice broken by sadness.

In addition, he clarified that if he had not made the official announcement yet, it is why he took a few days to wait and see if there was any hope of not abandoning the sport, but “there have not been many,” he said.

In addition to this, he thanked the clubs he worked for during his sports career, “I always dreamed of playing football, my dream was to play in the First Division, I never thought of reaching Europe. I want to thank everyone regardless of where I was trained in Atlético Madrid who bet on me when I was only 18. The people from City who know how I feel about them, the people from Barca who contacted me and were incredible, I knew I was coming to one of the best clubs in the world, to the Argentine team, which is the one I love the most, to my family, to my teammates, thank you all for coming to this moment. ”

Finally he closed his speech which was broadcast on Barcelona’s official twitter account FC saying, “I am leaving with my head held high, very happy, I don’t know what life awaits me, but I know that I have many people who love me and want the best.”

Who is Kun Agüero?

Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo, better known as Kun Agüero was one of the greatest exponents of the Argentine foot ball, being one of the figures of his team together with Leonel Messi.

His last official club after the announcement of his retirement this Wednesday was Barcelona FC, but his beginnings were in his native Argentina with the teams Loma Alegre, Los Primos that were from amateur leagues to finally reach the Independiente at age 18, after from this he would take a huge leap when hired by the Atletico Madrid where he would achieve glory and stand out in European football, later he would reach the Manchester City and finally Barcelona with what despite his premature retirement he made a true dream career.

With his selection it can be said that he represented Argentina by winning two U-20 World Cups, he also participated in two World Cups, was a figure in the Beijing Olympic Games and won one of the five American Cups in which he participated; in fact, his country recognized him for the record of games played with the national team.

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