‘Kun’ Agüero puts up for sale “the most useless purchase” he has made: A Lamborghini Aventador

The ‘Kun’ Agüero has apparently decided to sell the car that he does not know why he bought in 2014.

Photo: Mark Thompson / Getty Images

Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero was a trend this Friday after it became known that a major sports car sales website in England, made available the black Lamborghini Aventador which is owned by the Argentine footballer for seven years ..

This striking car that the same Agüero mentioned at some point as “the most useless purchase” he had made, It has a value of just over $ 250,000 dollars for anyone who wants to buy it directly from the AutoTrader site, a company in charge of selling vehicles that belonged to players in the English Premier League.

The car that was purchased in October 2014 by the then Manchester City forward, It has been another of his whims which has been discontinued over time and the footballer himself came to point out that he did not understand the reasons why he bought it.

“What the hell did I buy a Lamborghini for. It must be 1,200 kilometers in six years, I never used it. I’ve been wondering what the hell did I buy that car for for two years. It was very to the point. Now it is there, all it does is shit cold in the rain. It is outside, it has cobwebs and everything ”, declared Kun in an Argentine TV program some time ago.

This car is such an exclusive model that it has the interiors of Arancio Dryope and has all the luxury accessories: Front and rear parking system on all four wheels, an elegant transparent hood to see the engine, anti-theft protection and automatic air conditioning with solar sensor, among other amenities.

The most peculiar thing about this news is that the ‘Kun’ Agüero was a trend in the last hours after spreading several videos of his holidays in Dubai, driving a Ferrari Monza SP2 and also a Bugatti Chiron Noire. “I remember when I was learning to drive with a Duna and now a Bugatti. I don’t understand anything, ”he shared on his social networks.

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