Kun Agüero’s last letter as a player: “Life always comes first”

It is a fact that Sergio “Kun” Agüero is no longer an active soccer player. This Wednesday he decided to end an 18-year-old career at the age of 33 after a cardiac arrhythmia that forced him to make the decision.

He appeared at a press conference at the Camp Nou accompanied by Joan Laporta, Pep Guardiola and the FC Barcelona squad. There he made it clear that his health was the main reason for deciding to leave the courts and start a new life.

He also issued a letter on his social networks to explain in more detail

“I always knew that I would give everything to try to play again but after the last tests the doctors advised me to stop playing professional football. His words were enough to make the decision. Retiring in these circumstances is difficult but life always comes first and that was clear to me from the beginning, “he wrote.

“One of the things that he taught me in football is that you can transform a defeat into a victory. This time it will be no different. It is painful, yes. It’s a drama, no. Drama would have been something else. So I am not focusing on the time that I would have been left to play but on the wonderful 18 years that I was able to do so ”.

He won 21 official titles, being the Copa América his last conquest. He scored 427 goals and his last cry was against Real Madrid, wearing the FC Barcelona shirt. He scored 260 goals for Manchester City and is the Citizens’ top scorer.

He is the foreigner with the most goals in the Premier League and was nominated for the Ballon d’Or seven times.

“Beyond the titles I have won, which I highly value, my greatest victory is having earned the respect of my colleagues and the love of the world of football.. That is something that will not change, that I will always carry in my heart and that gives me a lot of strength for what is to come ”, reflected Agüero.

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