Kunno: “I have 90 tattoos and each one has a meaning that marked my life”

The Mexican influencer, kunno, told Trome that like Susan Diaz, his cabalistic number is 13 and he has ninety tattoos on his body that have a special meaning, because many things have happened to him that have marked him in life and on his skin. These statements were given in the hotel bar Margaretville Island Reserve of Cap Cana, to which he was invited for the inauguration by the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader.

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Kunno, you are very loved in my country. You have been a jury member of ‘This is war’, you had many approaches with Peru last year, but you still haven’t visited us..

I love all my people from Peru. I have very good communication with my ‘shines’. Last year, the three times I went there, my flights were canceled due to Covid, but since I know that God’s timing is perfect, I will be there at the right time. I would really love to meet them, I know there are very good job opportunities and I want to see the llamas.

You are going to record a video with Ezio Oliva and Karen Schwarz, tell us that story?

Since I started in this, everything has been through social networks, the ‘This is war’ as a jury and from there I was given the opportunity to meet some Peruvian artists, that’s how this rapprochement took place with them in my land and Miami.

With Karen and Ezio, have they met in Mexico?

Yes, we were together with Vhadir Derbez (singer, son of actor Eugenio Derbez), watching the recording of the video, we had a good time, we had dinner, they are incredible people and I’m going to take their word that when they come (go to Mexico) I’m going to pamper them and if I go, I know they’ll do the same to me.

You have millions of followers, there are people who do not support you, how do you deal with the controversy?

Look, I have had to learn unexpectedly in this life and I have changed my perspective of seeing things. Suddenly I feel like I’m going down one path and then I change to another, but I feel like I’ve reached that moment in my life where I am myself and that no matter what has to happen, always hand in hand with God, my mom and my ‘ glitters’.

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There is nothing like that first love to shelter us

Having my mom, I feel like I lack nothing. My mom is the person who supports and loves me the most, without a doubt she knows who I am and if at any time my feet leave the ground, then she will be the first to rip off my earrings because of the pulls on my ear that she is going to give.

Your tattoos I guess must have some meaning…

Yeah right. I have 90 tattoos (did not hurt you) Yes! I am addicted to tattoos. At 21 years old I have gone through good and bad things at work, my personal life that have left a mark on my soul and also on my skin.

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What do your wings mean, freedom?

They represent my grandmother and my best friend who passed away, now they are my angels who have taken care of me since day one that I started this path to fame as you could say.

The lion?

It’s because my dad used to call me a little lion.

And the butterflies?

There are 13, because it is my lucky number and because butterflies mean evolution to me.

You just said that 13 is your lucky number. In Peru it is also for a well-known artist Susy Díaz, she with this number painted on her buttock arrived at the Congress of my country.

It is that it is a guide number, I feel that I am on the right track.

You were recently nominated with our compatriot María Pía Copello for the Top Influencers Awards 2020, do you know her?

The truth is that I haven’t talked to her, however, how beautiful that nomination is, I love that Latin people succeed.


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